Guidance Department

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Office hours are 7:30 AM - 3:00 PM. 

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Path to College

Guidance Department Mission

The mission of this department is to provide materials and services to assist in the maximum development of interests and abilities of every student. School counselors work with all students to enhance their learning as they assist them with the domains of academic, personal, and social development with a focus on college and career readiness.

Guidance counselors are available for conferences with students, parents and graduates before and after school.

Administrator of Registration & Alternative Pathways  - Mr. Valdir Silva x20207

Attendance Officers

Sarah Dury x21204
Daniel Shaughnessy x20730


          Jolie Kouta                      [email protected]              ext. 20543

CLASS OF 2024 - Tan Team

Guidance Counselors:

 A-F       Erica Bardan                   [email protected]             ext. 20542

G-M      Stephanie Cormier         [email protected]            ext. 20699

N-Z        Ashley Pereira                [email protected]             ext. 20535


CLASS OF 2023 - Green Team

Guidance Counselors:

 A-Fl       Courtney Champagne    [email protected]     ext. 20548

Fo-N      Jillian Lucchetti               [email protected]             ext. 20732

M-Z       David Martins                 [email protected]             ext. 20534



CLASS OF 2022 - Gold Team

Guidance Counselors:

A – Go  Stephanie Norton           [email protected]              ext. 20733

Gr-Me   Jillian Ferreira                 [email protected]             ext. 20540

Mi-Z      Paul Goulet                     [email protected]             ext. 20536