World Languages

Content Instructional Leader: Ms. Donna Guay


Phone number: 508-997-4511 ext. 20544



The World Language Team strives to empower NBHS students to communicate, participate, and function in a multicultural and globalized society in different languages. The lives of our students are enriched as we study language and culture. Students in World Language classes are encouraged to think as global citizens, celebrate diversity, embrace creativity, and develop tolerance and respect for other cultures.

Course Offerings:

Portuguese I, 9-11
Portuguese I Honors, 9-11
Portuguese II, 9-12
Portuguese II Honors, 9-12
Portuguese III, 11-12
Portuguese III Honors, 11-12
Portuguese IV Honors, 12
Heritage Portuguese I Honors, 9 -11
Heritage Portuguese II Honors, 10 -11
Heritage Portuguese III Honors, 11 - 12
Spanish I, 9-11
Spanish I Honors, 9-11
Spanish II, 10-11
Spanish II Honors, 10-12
Spanish III, 11-12
Spanish III Honors, 11-12
 Spanish IV, 11-12
Spanish Language Arts, 10-12
AP Spanish, 12
Heritage Spanish I Honors, 9-11
Heritage Spanish II Honors 10-11

Important Information:

Massachusetts Foreign Languages Curriculum Framework

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