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Guidance Department Mission

The mission of this department is to provide materials and services to assist in the maximum development of interests and abilities of every student. School counselors work with all students to enhance their learning as they assist them with the domains of academic, personal, and social development with a focus on college and career readiness.

Guidance counselors are available for conferences with students, parents and graduates before and after school.

Our Staff and Contact Information

Main Number  508-997-4511

Administrator of Registration & Alternative Pathways  - Ms. Tara Montembault x20207

Attendance Officers

Sarah Dury    x21204
Daniel Shaughnessy x20730

Office of Dropout Prevention 

Graduation Facilitators

New Bedford High School's MassCore Graduation Facilitators are located on site and work with students and families to develop inpidual plans for success. With a focus on increasing the MassCore graduation rate, the staff collaborates with school and community stakeholders and are active participants in Massachusetts' statewide graduation efforts.

With a focus on prevention, intervention, and recovery, this office works closely with school staff, numerous community partners, and is a stakeholder in statewide dropout reduction efforts.

MassCore Graduation Facilitators, Marc DeBrito and Veronica Martinez, also register students for and encourage the use of the Your Plan for the Future online tools. YPFF is the state's no-cost, one-stop online shop for students, parents, and educators designed to help Massachusetts students manage their educational and career pathways. YPFF centralizes all the key planning elements of a student's educational career, including interactive planning tools, personal portfolio development, and key milestone reminders such as college application and financial aid deadlines.

Contact Information:

Veronica Martinez 

Student Support Center

Students can School Adjustment Counselors when they are having conflicts with peers or concerns about family members as well as ongoing adjustment issues in school. The focus of services provided for students includes crisis intervention, grief counseling, conflict resolution, and referrals to area resources for longer term treatment.

NBHS is staffed with four master level social work/mental health clinicians. The staff seeks to provide support to students and their family members and offer solutions to help maintain a safe school environment as well as access to mental health services if needed.

Contact information:

Monique Poyant  x20547 
Alice Freitas      x20545  
Yolanda Cavicchio x20510