Academy of Honors

Academy of Honors

Academy of Honors Applications for Dual Enrollment and non-NBPS Students:

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Return applications to New Bedford High School ATTN: Joyce Cardoza, Assistant Headmaster

The New Bedford High School Academy of Honors (AOH) is being established to provide qualifying scholars with the opportunity to participate in a sequence of advanced courses that will prepare them for application to the finest undergraduate institutes and most competitive post-secondary programs. The Academy is an exam-based program with an application process that includes a review of student grades, conduct and attendance information as well as submission of a student essay.

 The AOH Advantage

The Academy readies scholars for application to the most competitive college and university undergraduate programs and students can earn college credits while still in high school potentially saving families thousands of dollars. The accelerated course of study offered through AOH allows for students to take classes at UMass Dartmouth and/or Bristol Community College as high school students, earning college credits. Students may complete up to one whole year of college while still in high school at no cost.


The AOH Competitive Edge

   Provides students with the opportunity to participate in a sequence of Advanced Placement courses
   Prepares students for application to the most competitive colleges and institutes of higher learning
    Provides students with a specially-trained team of professionals that will follow them through Grades 9-12, assisting them in navigating honors and Advanced Placement courses
    Support Team includes:
   - Staff of exceptional educators, AP certified by the College Board
   - AOH Guidance Counselor
   - Peer support programs and activities
  AOH trains students in developing research, writing, persuasive discourse, collaboration, and communication skills
  Catalog of sixteen (16) Advanced Placement Courses is being offered

AOH culminates with the awarding of a coveted AP Capstone Diploma, an important distinction that is highly recognized by college admissions officers.

Entry Criteria for Grades 9-12

· Report Card grades
· Essay submission
· Assessment data
· Attendance record
· Conduct record
· Teacher recommendation
· Strong work habits


Joyce Cardoza, Assistant Headmaster

(508) 997-4511, ext. 20504


Bernadette Coelho, Headmaster

(508) 997-4511, ext. 20500