Fine Arts

The Fine Arts Department at New Bedford High School is proud to provide over 22 unique courses in visual arts, music, and theatre. NBHS students take courses in the arts daily, as part of their academic course schedule, fulfilling the MassCore graduation requirement for all students to complete 1 credit of study in the arts. The Fine Arts Department provides courses for students of all levels and abilities, from introductory exploratory courses to Advanced Placement.

  • Course selections include:
    Art 1, Art History, 3D Art, Drawing 1, Drawing 2, Painting 1, Painting 2, Studio Art, AP Studio Art
  • Music Fundamentals, Music Fundamentals TR-V, Piano I, Piano II, AP Music Theory, Concert/Marching Band, Symphonic/Marching Band, Jazz Workshop, String Ensemble, Treble Choir, Concert Chorale, SSA Show Choir, SATB Show Choir
  • Theater Arts, Stagecraft, Musical Theatre, Advanced Acting and Directing

NBHS Fine Arts students demonstrate their learning at concerts, showcases and performances for the community.

NBHS Fine Arts Faculty:
Ms. Nochimow, Studio Portfolio, Art, Drawing, AP
Ms. Boucher, 3D Art, Drawing
Ms. LaBerge, Art, Painting
Ms. Rivera, Art History, Painting, Art, Art History

Ms. Cadieux Pacheco, Theatre
Ms. Dandeneau, Chorus, Music TR-V
Mr. Langille, Strings, Music, Piano
Mr. Mason, Jazz, Music, Piano
Mr. Pacheco, Band, Music, AP

After-School Fine Arts Clubs/Ensembles:
WAVE Club, Art Club, Anime Club, Drama Club, Musical Theatre Ensemble, Acting and Auditioning Workshop, Jazz Band, Jazz Workshop*, Marching Band*, Concert Band*, Symphonic Band*, SSA “Charisma” Show Choir*, SATB “Pure Energy” Show Choir,* Jazz Choir

* denotes after-school requirement of a school-day ensemble

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