Instructional Content Leader: Mr. Sean McNulty

Office: Gold Wing, Teaching and Learning Suite

Phone: (508) 997-4511 extension 20509


The Department of Mathematics will offer a program of study that ensures all student learners have the opportunity to obtain the mathematical skills necessary to contribute to today's society. The students will gain abilities to critically assess numerical and graphical information; persist in formulating strategies for solving problems; and recognize the importance and contributions of mathematics as it affects the world we live in.  The department will strive to engage students in rigorous learning experiences through building conceptual understanding, practicing procedural fluency and solving application problems.  


The Department of Mathematics will lead a community of learners to build the computational, critical thinking and problem solving skills necessary to be successful in the 21st century. 

Course Offerings

Pre AP Math Seminar

Algebra I Honors & Algebra I

Geometry Honors & Geometry

Algebra II Honors & Algebra II

Algebra II/Precalculus Hybrid Course



Advanced Placement Statistics

Advanced Placement Calculus

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